Topics & Styles

Before you begin your sessions it is important to have a clear goal in mind and understand which coaching style suits you best

Coaching Topics

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Coaching Styles


It is a form of coaching that focuses on helping you find your own motivation and use it to overcome your own obstacles and achieve your goals.


This coaching style is more focused on asking open-ended questions and guiding you to come up with your own solutions. It is based on reflective learning and structured problem- solving.


In this style, the coach approaches you in a relaxed and composed manner, even in difficult or stressful situations. The coach’s calmness can help you to feel more at ease.


In this style, the coach uses friendly and inviting language, and conveys a sense of kindness and caring in his/her communication.


In this style, the coach speaks with energy and enthusiasm, using positive language and tone to create a sense of excitement and optimism.


This style focuses on the coach working jointly with you to create a solution, plan, or agreement regarding a situation, opportunity, or dilemma. Collaborative coaching is about helping people develop, learn, change, and ultimately become more effective.


Mindful coaching is a holistic approach to coaching that combines mindfulness practices with coaching techniques. It emphasises the importance of being present, non-judgmental, and compassionate in the coaching relationship.