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Learn everything about this platform, unravel your coachee's journey and meet our high expectations. We're right by your side, supporting you every step of the way.

Your Dashboard

Each time you log in, you can access your personal dashboard, which includes the following parts:

Settings: In the beginning of your journey, by enabling the integration of Calendly within the platform, you will allow your coachees to book their 1:1 session with you.
You first need to create your Calendly event type and then integrate it in our platform.
Live Sessions: This section includes all the scheduled 1:1 coaching sessions with the calendar format.
You can also view past and future coaching sessions. 
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Users: This section includes your coachees. 

By clicking on each coachee, you can see their completed and current coaching program stages.

Check some details about our coaching programs

The coachees can book the time slot that is most convenient for them based on your availability through this platform.
It is important that your availability is not very restricted so that every coachee can have different options regarding days and time to select from.
Each coachee should complete their session in order to be able to book the next one.
Each session is considered completed ONLY if the coachee joins the meeting through this platform and not from the calendar invitation.

That's why it is important that you ask at the beginning of every session if the coachee entered via the platform.
If, for any reason, the coachee joined a meeting via the calendar invitation, you should ask them to rejoin via the platform.

Our expectations

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As each cooperation begins, founded upon a mutual understanding of shared goals and aspirations, we believe it is essential to clearly establish the expectations that will guide our journey together. Through open communication and a commitment to continuous improvement, we strive to deliver exceptional results.



Open and honest communication, along with transparency, are crucial in our common journey.



 Be committed to the
coaching process and attend all coaching sessions as scheduled.



Acknowledge, embrace, and own your progress. Take responsibility, be accountable, and make your actions count for meaningful outcomes.



Maintaining confidentiality is vital for us. It creates trust and ensures that all conversations remain private.